The Long And Long Of It: Stem Cell Treatments For Longevity

by Stem Cell Of America - Published on September 28, 2022
Tales of the literal and mysterious “Fountain Of Youth” began thousands of years ago. Ever since then, people have been trying to find ways to stay young. These days it is all about the search for longevity, and having a long and healthy life. Yet instead of some magic potion or mystical waters, there is a now an actual science to it. Stem cell research is constantly and consistently making some major breakthroughs. Fetal stem cells are the cellular building blocks of the 220 cell types within the body. They are basically part of a repair system, and what makes them remarkably unique is that they are the only stem cells that can repair and regenerate damaged cells and tissues. Too often humans have to face the pain and suffering from disease and a variety of health conditions. Possible applications include Parkinson’s, MS, heart disease and brain and spinal cord injury.   Fetal stem cells not only replace and rebuild damaged tissue, but they also support the activity of your own immune system. They stimulate dormant cells and speed up the repair of cells, tissues, and organs. And as the immune system is strengthened, the result is longer life and a decrease in the chances of getting many diseases, including cancer. A strong immune system also increases mental clarity and physical energy.   These are some of the amazing benefits that longevity patients experience. And feeling good physically clearly affects mental health and people’s emotional wellbeing. After all, having a longer life means little if it is not a happy and healthy one. The key is to keep the body and mind youthful and fit.   It is vital to understand as much about your own body as possible and to know what potential health threats you may face. Understanding your own genetics and family history is a good place to start. Many people also do studies on their own telomeres, which seem to be a good indication of how old your body is, or is acting, as opposed to the actual number of years. A good visual that is used by geneticists to explain what a telomere is, is the plastic tip on your shoelace. They protect the chromosomes and keep the ends from wearing and unraveling. As cells divides, the telomeres get shorter, and eventually the cells can no longer divide and will die. This process is associated with aging and ailments like cancer. They key then, is to keep your cells as healthy as possible, and for as long as possible.   In order to do this, Stem Cell Of America uses “stem cells to detect and restore damaged cells and tissues throughout the body.” The cells then “boost the body’s existing repair mechanisms.” According to their information, “There are no negative side effects associated with Fetal Stem Cell Therapy” and their “cells are meticulously screened to eliminate any possibility of infection or impurity.” The “Fountain Of Youth” seems to be here, and so is the revolution in science and medicine, which has been created with remarkable advancements and breakthroughs. Good health and longevity is now attainable. According to their website, Stem Cell Of America has treated over 7500 patients since 1995. The videos and the information at stemcellofamerica.com are well worth checking out. It is important that we eat well and exercise and do everything we can to keep ourselves healthy, and take full advantage of everything that is out there. Let youth not be wasted on the young. Here’s to your health and here’s to longevity!

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