Lung Disease and the Treatments

by Stem Cell Of America - Published on September 28, 2022
A pluripotent fetal stem cell is a special kind of cell that can transform itself into practically any cell type in the body, be it a muscle cell, lung cell or other bodily tissues. Because of this almost miraculous feature, scientists are investigating whether these cells can be used in the treatment of thus far incurable lung conditions such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis and cystic fibrosis where existing cells are damaged and need replacing.   Stem Cell Treatment Reduces Lung Inflammation Many of the chronic lung diseases that plague the western world are caused by long-term inflammation. Although inflammation is beneficial in the short term to help fight off infection or repair an injury, it can be damaging over time and lead to the breakdown of tissues that the body needs to function. The European Respiratory Society study recently confirmed something that we have known for a long time at Stem Cell of America: that stem cell therapy can reduce inflammation and improve outcomes for chronic conditions that affect the lungs, leading to improvements in lung viability and structure. Lung tissue began to look younger and healthier - just what patients need.   Stem Cell of America has been using fetal hematopoietic stem cells (the fetal precursors to bone marrow cells) to treat lung disease for many years. The results that we have achieved have been nothing short of incredible. Many of our patients have seen a remission of symptoms for chronic conditions, such as COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis and Cystic Fibrosis, thanks to the unique action of stem cells inside the body. Stem cells appear to regenerate and repair complex tissues, like the lungs, and return them to a more healthful and youthful state, helping to treat the underlying condition in many cases.   Some of our patients have had lungs that are so severely damaged that their doctors told them that there was nothing more that they could do to help them. But once they received treatment from Stem Cell of America, many of them have gone on to make a miraculous recovery.   Except it’s not miraculous; it’s based on the latest science and practice of stem cell treatment. The future isn’t just on its way; it’s here right now and being used in patients today. Although patients should treat all claims of “cure” with caution, you can follow our patients and their families through testimonials on our website, that document their recoveries. We provide interviews with patients’ friends, family, and their doctors, to give a clear picture of the treatment process and how we administer it.   Stem Cells Are Already Being Used To Treat Disease The treatments for lung disease are demonstrative proof that stem cell therapy can help people recover from previously untreatable chronic conditions. It is now possible to use stem cells to help repair the structure of damaged tissues in the lung - a major medical breakthrough.   In the future, we expect to see stem cells being used in many more procedures. But for now, you can find out the range of lung and other conditions for which we offer treatment on our website.  At Stem Cell of America the future of medicine is here now.  

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