Traumatic Brain Injury Patient: Robert

I suffered a traumatic brain injury when I was 19 years old. I have searched low and high for answers in traditional Western medicine but have found none. I have spent months in New Orleans, Louisiana to do hyper-baric oxygen therapy with a leading TBI specialist doing experimental therapies for TBIs. I have also tried working with an alternative medicines specialist. He gave me all kinds of supplements and drugs with no success. To make matters worse, my Harvard educated neurologist believes that I have the signs and symptoms of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or more commonly referred to as CTE. This she believes, stems from my playing youth and high school football and suffering many smaller concussions starting at the age of eight. I have travelled to Mexico to receive stem cell treatment three times. I can say without a doubt it has made a tremendous difference in my life. The proof is in the fact that I am writing this essay. Prior to receiving stem cells, I couldn’t manage the pain and mental confusion well enough to go to school. Now, the pain has lessened and my brain is less hazy, and here I am typing away. Also, I look younger than my actual age. I am thirty and every time I tell someone that they are surprised and tell me I do not look thirty. This is a positive side effect of the stem cells. Keep in mind that I have been a big time drug addict for most of my adult life. Look at most recovered drug addicts, they do not look the way that I do. Again, stem cells. Another form of evidence that I have is the scar on my chest from my open-heart surgery. I have keloid scarring meaning that my scar was all puffy and red. My cardiologist even commented that I had a particularly nasty scar. Now that is not the case, my scar is no longer puffy and deep red but rather lighter in color and much flatter. Chest hair has even starting to re-grow at the top of my scar, which is pretty amazing.


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