Stroke Patient: Melissa

My overall ability to focus is much better, my mind is much more clear, and I'm enjoying new mental challenges.

I am less anxious and shaky, more courageous and able to advocate for myself.

My memory has improved dramatically.

I did not have any valium for an entire month after the treatment!!!!!!! I use to take it 5-7 times a month or more and probably could have taken it every day, just didn't want to build a tolerance or become dependent

I am no longer shaky and anxious, now my hands do not clench, my entire body used to have a mild tremor which is essentially gone I still may experience it to a small extent when I am subjected to lot of stress or have over done it and am physically exhausted.

I have an increased ability to calm down and relax, my friend who is a MD told me that it takes more energy to calm the nervous system and that for people like me with a neurological illness and it's quite a feat to be able to have such an amount of control over my emotions.

I have much more strength and energy, I'm able to work out vigorously for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week and do long hikes on the weekend - in fact I participated in an uphill race at an altitude of 9000 ft this winter at a ski resort – I climbed 1500 feet in 56 minutes, I had less fatigue and soreness than my husband the days following the race. A year ago we went hiking in the Grand Canyon; I was exhausted for two weeks. This is a HUGE improvement.

I have improved muscle tone and less fat. I don't feel like I've worked too hard for this and attribute it to the treatment. I've lost five pounds, but my friend thought I'd lost 10-15 pounds because of the way I look.

My digestion and regularity is better than it's been for years. This is HUGE. I used to have to take Betaine HCL and enzymes to digest my food and I still had issues. Today I no longer need to use them. Before the stroke I had a stomach of steel and I feel I am on my way to regaining it back.

This winter I never got really sick. My kids each had the flu with fever over 103, and I only had mild fatigue and a low grade fever under 100 for a day. This is also a HUGE improvement.

I used to frequently get sick and have a fever over 102 degrees for 3-5 days multiple times in the winter and it would completely drain me for weeks.

My hair is thicker - this is HUGE to me as I was really starting to worry.

My eyes are more clear and alert and my skin is more radiant and soft; many people comment that I look not only better but younger than I have in years.

Overall, the mental improvements (focus and memory and increased ability to relax) and the physical improvements of increased strength, immune system, and energy have stayed and I'm looking forward to the future which is a gift in and of itself.

Thank you for all that you have done to make this treatment available to myself and all of us with debilitating illness, thus, improving our lives and giving us hope.




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