Stroke Patient: Harold

- Harold's daughter wrote: I was living the best years of my life as a first year medical student before my father had his stroke. It was the last thing that I would have expected to happen to my active, vibrant, strong father. As a result of the stroke, the left side of his body was almost completely non-functional, diminished by at least 85 percent, resulting in his left arm and leg becoming virtually useless. His speech was also severely affected, to the point that we were barely able to understand him. His vision was also severely impaired. Besides the physiological consequences, my father was emotionally devastated. He became very depressed and, at times, very angry and aggressive. Having been a policeman, being physically active and healthy all of his life, you can imagine what this illness meant for him. It was like the end of his world. Most of the time, all he did was lie in bed murmuring that he was never going to be the man he used to be again. That all changed after he received the fetal stem cells. Despite two years of progressive deterioration, my father experienced a nearly instantaneous recovery. As he was receiving the cells, his speech and vision began to clear. In the first week after my father received the fetal stem cells, his attitude changed noticeably for the better. He was far more enthusiastic about life and took an active role in his recovery by working with a physical therapist. The therapist and I were both impressed, because previously, depressed and resigned to his fate, he had adamantly refused to consider physical therapy or any other form of help. One week later, the physical therapist reported that my father was becoming much more flexible and was exhibiting many other positive changes that left her shocked, because we hadn’t told her about the stem cell treatment. As I write this second letter, 12 weeks from the time of his treatment, there are considerable, noticeable changes still occurring in my father’s recovery. His mobility has increased by 70 percent and his speech is almost perfect—99 percent recovered! It has now been 2 years since my father’s treatment. My father tells me that he has so much energy that he is going nonstop. He says he feels as if he is receiving positive electric charges in his arm and leg and that in general his entire body has been revitalized. The positive changes just continue to surge through him. His walking is now just normal, and he has been driving for over a year. Last week when I saw him after being away in medical school I started crying because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. In addition, my mother told me she is very happy about the stem cell treatment because his abilities in intimate activities are better than ever—if you know what I mean. She is even asking me if my father can possibly get more cells! Without a doubt, the fetal stem cells have changed my life in numerous ways. And obviously my father’s and mother’s lives as well!


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