Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II Patient: Ellie

Just a quick update on how Ellie is doing.

Ellie had spinal surgery the first week of July. This was a major surgery that we have been trying to put off for years. Just the thought of her going through surgery made us sick to our stomachs. Most all kids with SMA end up with scoliosis and have a growing rod installed. We were able to wait until Ellie was 9 years old before having this surgery which is really great for her diagnosis. The surgery is typically a huge setup back for kids with SMA. SMA kids are already really weak and when they get over-worked or if their body is subject to something like surgery, they don't typically bounce back 100% to where they left off. It takes a lot of work for their bodies to recover from surgery and most don't fully recover. Ellie is very fortunate to have had stem cell treatments. The cells have sped up her recovery time and allowed her body to recover 100% to where she was prior to the surgery. She was back sitting and strolling around in her chair only 4 days after surgery and she was off all pain drugs 3 days post-surgery. She was back swimming in the pool 3 weeks post-surgery. She is still her happy self and can get around just as she had prior to surgery. At her 2 week check-up the nurse was very impressed at how well she was doing and healing. Another parent who has a child in a similar situation said it took their daughter almost 2 weeks to get back into her chair and feeling well where it took Ellie only a few days. As we know, the cells do amazing things. I remember the day when Ellie couldn't lift her hand to her mouth. I remember when it took her 45 minutes to drink 6 ounces of milk and when she would chew the same bite of food for minutes before she could finally swallow. Now, she lifts her hands over her head, she scarfs down her dinner and swallows multiple vitamins with only one sip of liquid. She has come a long way and is only moving forward thanks to the stem cells. We are forever grateful.


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