Seizure Patient: Kevin

- Kevin's mom wrote:

Kevin's second stem cell treatment was on Feb. 18th, 2012. At that time his daily dose of gabapentin was 2400mg. We have been slowly able to reduce it to where he is now only on 900mg of gabapentin per day. (He is still on the same doses of all his other antiseizure meds. that he was on before)

He has not had any falling seizures in over a month, and he has only had 4 short (5 seconds or less) partial seizures (while sitting where he just made verbal sounds) in the past month.

We have seen a lot of improvement in Kevin -- the most important is that his partial seizures have greatly decreased, especially his falling seizures - nothing in the past month.

His confidence and speech are improving as well as his alertness. We are continuing to monitor the levels of his medication and hope to be able to slowly continue their reductions.

He had an EEG in April 2012 (His most recent one before that was in fall 2010).

The April 2012 EEG was 50% improved over his one in fall of 2010.

Here is quote from our neurologist: " The EEG is most notable in that it does reflect a definite improvement in the total amount of epileptiform abnormalities bilaterally but especially on the left side, and far less EEG disorganization is also observed. This represents a significant improvement, perhaps 50% compared to his prior EEG and to many prior EEGs before this one as well."

Hope all is well with you and your team,

Sally and Helge


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