Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient: Steve A

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, my RA factor was 889. I am a very active 61 year old man that loves to ride my Harley, play golf and work in my yard. We went to several specialists and they put me on a ton of meds, all of which I was told that had side effects which could cause cancer.

Needless to say I was very afraid of the medicines, but I could not walk, dress myself, feed myself, I prayed at night and would say, "Lord if you want me take me tonight

I'm ready", that's how bad I was suffering. I was in a wheelchair. I would sleep in my recliner because I couldn't get in my bed.

After months of research we found Stem Cell of America, what a blessing, our Consultant was very helpful with loads of info, NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES just good info.

June 17 2016 I was in a wheelchair. When we got to the S C A Clinic I was very happy to see how clean the clinic was and how professional the doctors and nurses were. I went through the procedure. On June 18 my wife and I walked through Old San Diego for 4 hours and I was amazed.

All of my family was happy to see the ole Steve back to his happy ways.

I feel great and very thankful to the staff Stem Cell of America.

Thank you for calling and caring, I great to know that people like you and your company really care about people that are seriously ill. Your call caught me while I was working in my shop, sounds crazy right, working in my shop, just three months ago I was praying for my death because of the pain I was in, and now I feel like my old self. Thank you again for caring.

P.S. I really talk to a lot of people about Stem Cell Of America, God bless y'all.

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