Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient : LD

My journey using stem cells began about ten years ago when my husband was diagnosed with asbestosis. At that time the doctors gave him six months to live. Of course; I was devastated and began what I might do to prolong his life when I discovered the procedure using stem cells. We immediately contacted you and began the treatments. To my amazement because of the stem cells my husband was able to live a full life for another four years which I felt was remarkable. Since that period I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which is a debilitating disease and is quite painful.

The medical profession recommended using strong drugs with harmful side effects. Of course I contacted you again and began treatment. I am now pain free and am able to work out at the fitness center; play golf and enjoy Ballroom dancing. At age 86; and looking great; I feel that this is quite remarkable.; I would also like to add that during my visits to the clinic I have seen many people who have greatly improved or even been symptom free by these treatments. Most of all it is the children that have been helped when the doctors have given little or no hope. Therefore; I believe stem cells are extremely important and will affect future medicine and the understanding of them.

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