Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient: Jacky

For some reason that I cannot explain, I have had a series of medical misfortunes throughout my life. First and foremost was my Rheumatoid arthritis. Prior to the stem cell treatment, my day was over the minute I could drag home from my desk job-- which took all my energy. As I have Rheumatoid Arthritis extreme fatigue is one of the main symptoms. I could only plop down in a chair and would eat only if my husband prepared and served dinner. It was all I could do. I'd have to call it a day and go straight to bed to sleep immediately afterwards. If dinner wasn't presented to me, I just wouldn't eat. And sometimes I was too tired to eat anyway. In the weeks and months following the treatment, I have become increasingly energized. Now I not only enjoy preparing dinner, but I shop for ingredients on the way home, do the dishes afterwards, plus play with our cats, watch a movie, do chores or anything else that comes to mind. I do whatever I want, whenever I want. My husband and I go out evenings and on the weekends, even out of doors, which used to drain me so quickly. Now I can even garden. We have once again become active in community activities, social and entertainment opportunities, etc. I am much stronger, have more stamina, and oodles of energy. I actually feel peppy! I seem to be growing younger instead of older as time passes. It's like I got my life back! Something I find amazing is how I am now able to stay warm instead of feeling like I'm freezing all the time, indoors and out. I was the icicles fingers lady with the popsicle toes and nose. I used an electric blanket on my bed at night every night year round. It was set on medium in the summer and on as high all winter, spring and fall. Even when sitting around home, I had a heated throw across my lap I have always used these electric blankets for as far back as I can remember_ I have not used either since my treatment and I'm just fine. I stay plenty warm and comfortable by myself. I now have a metabolism that is running warmer and keeping me comfortable and healthier in general. Another major change in my state of health since my fetal stem cell infusion has allowed me to finally stop regular chiropractic treatment-- after decades of weekly treatments! I'd injured my lower back decades ago and also had suffered severe whiplash in the mid 1980's. For years I had chiropractic adjustments four times per week, plus diathermy, ice packs and other modalities of treatment that chiropractics and physical therapy have to offer. All was in an effort to reduce the severe clamping headaches caused by the whiplash and to reduce the constant, chronic pain from my low back injury. Over the years I'd slowly reduced my visits to the chiropractor to once a week or so, but at any time, I was back in there daily, seeking any relief possible. And it most often was not possible. Now, since the stem cells, l have not been back to the chiropractor, not even once. Nor am I in pain. Nor am I so fragile that even a pat on the back could knock me out of alignment and send me scurrying for an adjustment. What a great way to get my life back! Also in the early nineties my left ear was injured by a very loud noise in a confined space. Ever since then there was a "rattling" sound inside my ear. I could not lay my left ear against a pillow or the rattling noise was even more pronounced. There was not one day I did not experience this nagging nuisance. Until now! It hasn't -rattled" or spasmed or whatever you what to call it since! My normal ear was restored. After five years of continuous use of Flonase for nasal congestion, I now have completely stopped using this prescription. I'm no longer noticing a stuffy nose. It's been months now. I think I'm free at last of my allergies! A month after my return from getting my treatment I caught a cold from my coworkers. This was the first cold I had in years that did not also include a miserable cold sore and/or fever blister along with it. I am convinced that stem cells really helps defeat herpes because of this and because I have only now have stopped suffering from the aftermath of a severe outbreak of shingles on my leg. Since that episode of shingles, four years ago, my leg had not been free from pain along the three nerve tracks that the shingles had appeared on I thought it would bother me for the rest of my life, as many people had told me that theirs did after they had shingles. But it doesn't bother me any more since my treatment. I'm free from yet more chronic pain! With all of my medical symptoms I would wonder sometimes if I was just a chronic complainer or even as some described me, a hypochondriac. But now that there all gone I now know that they were real. Every day I continue to be amazed about how good I feel. I’m Normal!!


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