Patient Letter: Laura M.

We had a lovely break in San Diego, the both drivers down and up where absolute gentlemen. I am still in disbelief that we finally made it to the treatment centre in Mexico. Me and my husband both will be forever grateful. On the Saturday night, the same day as treatment I realised that any stiffness in my body had gone. We are now just over a week after treatment and the changes in my body are unbelievable. No stiffness, balance has slightly improved, feeling not as tired and have more energy, finding it alot easier getting up off a chair and easier getting in and out of the car. Had my first trip to the supermarket on Friday past, that I didn't need to use a trolley (cart) to support myself while walking around it. I know it is very early days, but I believe things are going to keep getting better and better. I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone. Best thing I've ever done. Life changing. I can't thank you all enough.


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