Patient Letter: BL

Patient: BL, Diagnosis, Cystic Fibrosis, Treatment Date: 3/19/16

Initial follow-up

Since my last set of stem cells, I've noticed how much more energy I have on a daily basis. And I'm just overall in a better mood mentally.. Now since I've been out of the hospital, I have been using a Biā€¢Pap machine at night while I'm sleeping. And ever since I've been using my machine, breathing has been A LOT easier on me. I don't get short of breath as often, and climbing a flight of stairs is no problem...Soo back in the beginning of my hospital stay, I had started coughing up cups of blood. Cups of coagulated, already healing blood. Now, I give all credit to the Stem Cells for basically saving my life.. 'Cause if I hadn't of had them, my lungs would've not been healed enough to stop the bleeding for as long as they did, and I would have been put permanently on a ventilator due to damage to the lungs. I owe a lot too Stem Cells, and I can hardly wait for my next treatment!!

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