Parkinson’s Patient: Broderick

- Broderick's wife wrote:

A little over four months after Broderick received the cells, he was already walking almost normally and smiling again. He hasn’t smiled for over two and a half years! His face is back to normal and his hands are much steadier.

His cognition has increased tremendously. He has begun studying calculus, biology, and physics, and is absorbed in reading books on these subjects. Books, in many cases, he hadn’t touched in years, because he wasn’t able to follow along with what he was reading.

He is also once again actively conversing and participating with our family and friends. The other day our daughter, who is a neurologist, examined him and told me that although she was unaware of ever experiencing or even knowing about such changes in a patient with Parkinson’s, her father had definite and objectively tangible, meaningful improvements.


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