Parkinson’s Patient: Andrea

Andrea has always kept a personal journal, and she continued to do so after her initial fetal stem cell treatment.

- The following are excerpts from her journal:

Day 1: Following a long flight back from the clinic, I wasn’t even tired when I got home.

Week 1: Language facilitated. Much easier to talk. Takes less work. My right shoulder doesn’t hurt; pain gone since the day I was treated. It is almost normally flexible. My left hip doesn’t hurt either. Greatly improved and definitely more flexible. I can stretch in any direction and can bring my feet up more easily.

Week 2: My tongue works better. Feels normal, and it’s easier to find the words I want to say. My left hip feels like something has been replaced. It is much more stable. My hearing is improving too. The feeling of fullness and the burbling sounds in my left ear are gone.

Week 3: It’s clear that my balance is better. Every time I get up to walk, I’m surprised with the ease thereof. No feelings of achiness at all.

Week 4: I’ve stopped drooling and am able to leave my mouth closed instead of hanging open so much. I’m also producing more saliva for the process of chewing, rather than just salivating. And I can swallow with ease! It’s almost normal. Everyone comments on my verve, energy, more balanced walk, more rapid and distinct speech, and mental acuity. It’s very easy for me to think things through. They seem crystal clear. My typing is improved, and I’m beginning small dance steps.

Week 6: Today I actually went shopping on my own, for the first time in many, many months!

Week 7: My balance keeps improving. It’s hard to believe, but I’m better off without my cane! Almost kept up with my daughter when we went walking. I do little dance steps and don’t even fall.

Week 9: I am increasingly thrilled by the improvement in my balance. It’s not totally normal yet, but has moved a long way in that direction.

Week 12: I find it easier and easier to dance. My massage therapist was astounded at the changes. She found that the mobility in my hips improved from about 50 percent of normal to 95 percent. She was particularly astounded by the mobility in my right wrist. Previously there was essentially none. Now, it’s suddenly quite normal.

Week 15: This morning I could almost dance normally. If this keeps up, I’ll be able to tango again!

Week 16: Yesterday I spent a lot of time on my feet cleaning out closets and drawers. I feel refreshed and my energy is restored, the way it used to be. Absolutely amazing!

Week 18: Today my massage therapist noted that the tension between my shoulders is completely gone. She described the area as being “like butter.” Also, my therapeutic yoga instructor has been overwhelmed by my sudden flexibility and balance. As I performed the exercises she keeps saying, “Wow, wow!” My acupuncturist was also delighted with my ease of movement and commented that I had less edema.

Week 21: I am surprised at the ease with which I am catching up with my writing. Instead of being overwhelmed by too much pending work, it all seems so simple and straightforward. I have delightful fantasies about the next time I see my neurologist and he asks me to walk down the hall to show him my residual stability. I think I’ll waltz!

Week 24: Recently I went to a friend’s wedding. Everyone there who knew me was stunned by my improvement. One of my girlfriends said she couldn’t believe how easily I was able to get into the car. It used to be tediously difficult for me to load myself into a sedan. Everyone told me, “You look wonderful. It’s so good to see you looking like this!” A friend told me, “I’ve known you for five years now, and I have to say it was as if there were holes in your person, and now you are whole.” My favorite moment was when another friend told me, “You are absolutely beautiful!”

Week 25: To my amazement, after at least three years of being unable to smell nearly anything, I am beginning to get whiffs of odors. When walking through a garden on a very warm day I could smell the flowers the whole time I was walking. This is something I hardly dared hoped for improvement on.

Week 26: Today I took great pleasure in demonstrating my newly re-established ability to dance the samba. My assistant’s husband stopped by and stared at me, saying, “You look wonderful!” He told his wife later that I look ten years younger than I did a year ago. Let it be so!


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