Muscular Dystrophy Patient: Damien

- Damien's mom wrote:

To look at Damian now you would never know that he had the disease. He is so very happy and full of energy.

Three years ago before he was treated, he was extremely weak and would complain that he wasn’t able to play with the other children because he felt so tired all the time.

He had great difficulty climbing stairs and would have to use his arms to pull himself up the stairs.

Also his speech was unclear. He would talk, but completely unlike he is now, at that time it was extremely difficult to understand what he was saying.

That was then. This is now:

He will go in his room and stack toys as high as he can. He will then climb on them as far as he can go and then jump down. If the toys crash, Damian will fall and get up and laugh and repeat the stacking again.

He goes swimming every Friday. He is very active in the water. He swims underwater and he is able to easily do every aquatic exercise they can think of for him to do.

In the park Damian climbs to the top of the jungle gym and announces to everyone watch me, watch me.

He is foot over foot when he easily goes up the stairs.

He is continuing to grow in height and weight.

His teacher at school tells me she is impressed at how well he is doing academically.

His confidence & self esteem has improved 100%. He feels his is able to do anything. He tells us that he is now a "big boy ".

He brings home all of his school assignments each day and after he finishes them he shows us proudly how he completed them.

In Summary: Damian is a completely different child. His quality of life has improved 100%.

I find it hard to put into words how proud we are of our happy well adjusted little boy.

Thank you so much!

Karen Spicer


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