Muscular Dystrophy Patient: Arnold

I am free essay writing you to tell you that Arnold is doing awesome. When we got back to the hotel after his treatment he started to jump off the ground with a spring, before he wasn’t even able to jump at all. He became so excited that he kept doing it over and over again. I started laughing I was so happy. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then he started going around in circles really fast which we had never seen before.

Also in the hotel lobby he climbed up about 30 stairs one foot after another like it was no problem which was a shocker for us because he always had a really hard time with stairs. He would have to hold on to things to pull himself up the stairs. This time he did it like a pro and then he was so excited that when he got to the top of the stairs he started clapping and jumping up and down shouting I did it mom, I did it mom. I started to cry because before we saw you he kept going downhill more and more. He couldn’t run, climb, jump or do any of the normal things that the other children could do.

He has no problem getting into bed without our having to help him anymore. He is able to dress all by himself. Before he got the cells he didn’t even have enough strength to pull his pants up. He is becoming more and more independent and is so very proud of himself. Arnold has changed in so many ways. His strength has really improved especially in his legs. When he was sitting on the floor he used to use his hands on his knees to push himself up now he gets up without using his hands on his knees, he just gets up like it is nothing. The other day his teacher called me, she was in shock, she said for the first time Arnold actually climbed up the big slide without any help went down and then was strong enough to quickly stop with his feet.

Since his treatment he hasn’t complained of his legs being sore not even once and he hasn’t been tired either. The other day he climbed up the bus stairs all by himself which was great because since he started school he was always embarrassed that I had been carrying him onto the bus.

I am so happy to see my boy go from barely walking and not climbing to an everyday boy, he even plays on the trampoline.

Last Friday we took all the kids to the zoo which is over 700 acres. We rented a stroller for Arnold because normally he couldn’t walk for any long distances. But that day he refused to get in the stroller and walked for 6 hours! It was really amazing for us to see him having no problem at all walking that far.

Also before his treatment he had very bad eczema and he was usually in pain because of it. His skin was always cracking, torn and often bloody because of his constant scratching.

Today his eczema is totally gone he doesn’t have one inch of eczema on his body which before he was covered from head to toe.

But it is not all roses. The other day Arnold and I went for a walk and all of a sudden antiabortion pickets appeared carrying signs and shouting at us. I don’t know how they found out about the fetal stem cells. As we tried to walk away they followed us continuing to yell that what we were doing was a terrible sin and then one of them ran up to us and spit on me right in front of my frightened child. I looked directly at her and said my son was supposed to be in a wheelchair and look at him now and then I looked at my little boy, smiled, and walked away with my head held high.

Last week when I was in school the teacher pulled me aside to tell me instead of Arnold only being able to sit in gym class depressed watching the other kids run and play, now he is loving gym he is even playing tag with the other kids and the best thing about it, is he catches a lot of them.

We are so grateful that we found you. The treatments have completely changed Arnold he is so happy now he always has a smile on that cute little face of his. He is never sad like he was before his treatment because he couldn’t do what the other kids were doing. We have seen so much improvement in him it is crazy, you look at him and you would never know that he has muscular dystrophy.

Arnold’s intelligence level is very high, and his spirit cannot be stopped. Everyone up here and at Arnold’s school is amazed to see all the new improvements in him. Since we saw you he is a new child that can do what children without muscular dystrophy can do. The other evening we took Arnold to a benefit dance and he danced and danced he just wouldn’t stop, it was priceless.

Recently I got a letter in the mail stating that Arnold was no longer entitled to a disability check because he doesn’t show the signs of Muscular dystrophy anymore. So that was a shocker, but the good news is how wonderful to hear that he is doing so well that now he doesn’t even qualify.

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done to give Arnold a new life and we truly appreciate your generosity by never charging us for his treatment.

Everyday Arnold tells us that you made him all better and that he loves you. Now to look at Arnold you would never know that he had muscular dystrophy at all, he is just like a normal little boy.


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