Multiple Sclerosis Patient: Sam

Improvements noted right away:

.Eyes looked brighter

.More coloring in my cheeks

.My neck felt really good! Even before the MS diagnosis, my neck was stiff. With the MS, my neck was REALLY stiff. I have massage, acupressure and chiropractor work done regularly on my neck. As well, I exercise and stretch my neck many times per day. The stiffness in my neck was gone. Since my walking and balance did not improve (yet!!), it is natural to strain the neck to prevent from falling. I will continue the work on my neck so that it stays limber.

.No hands "falling asleep" feeling. The position of my hands while sleeping cause my hands to "fall asleep" within minutes. I tested this many times and never did have the falling asleep feeling!

Week 1

.Talking with Terrie on the phone on Sept 24/13, she commented that my voice/speech was clearer.

.Had a massage on Sept 26/13. The therapist noticed my body had improved. The left hip did not have the range of motion that the right hip had. The neck rotation was really good. There were already a couple of knots starting to form on the neck - probably due to fear of falling. The shoulders were in good shape. Anywhere that was tight, reacted to the massage by loosening up quickly. The therapist also noted that my speech was clearer - better enunciation.

.Had a chiropractor appointment on Sept 27/13. The chiropractor said she could not believe the ease of rotation in my neck. She said "If she had not seen it herself, she wouldn't have believed it." She also noticed that my left hip was looser than my left. Also noted that my speech was clearer.

.Mind appears clearer. Thinking pattern is faster.

Week 2

.Friend helped me down the 3 stairs at her house. She commented that I was less "wobbly". I have felt confident enough to use the walker inside the house less often.

.I noticed my body feels "looser" - not as stiff.

.Something I did not expect - 3 fingers in each hand hurt (I think it is arthritis). No longer any pain!!

.Many comments that my speech was better - clearer, faster and less hesitancy.

.Swim instructor noticed I was more stable on my feet, body moved smoother (not as jerky) and not as rigid (stiff). She also noted I moved with more confidence in the water and my upper body, neck and shoulders, looked more relaxed.

.Friend noticed I was moving smoother and quicker.

.Had an acupuncture appointment on Oct 3/13. The doctor noted my spine and hands were not stiff. Have never seen this in the 7 years I have been going for acupuncture. She recommended I get the fetal cell therapy each year.

.Had a doctor appointment on Oct 4/13 for a drivers medical. The doctor noticed that my eyes were brighter. She put on the drivers medical form that I was doing really well. Three years ago, my 5 year drivers licence was taken away, and I was given a 1 years licence and had to go for a road test. At the 1 year renewal, after a drivers medical, I was given a 2 year licence. Today, at the drivers renewal, I was given a 5 year licence (due to the doctor comment that I was doing so well).


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