Multiple Sclerosis Patient: Leah

In November 1999, I awoke to find I could not move the left side of my body. My left arm and leg were not working and I had chills in my body. A friend took me to a neurologist (I knew him from previous years at which time he had diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.) By evening, he was in my hospital room telling me that I had multiple sclerosis and though it was often a hard disease to diagnose, this was a clear case. That was that!

So after a month and a half in the hospital and rehab hospital, I tried to resume my life. But I was weak and in pain, incredibly nervous and crazy from huge amount of prednisone, (steroids did NOT work for me.) I was unable to think clearly, unable to continue to work, barely able to walk, and totally exhausted. I could just be “up” and functioning for a couple hours a day. I most often had nystagmus, a neurological condition in which my eyes would wobble and make it extremely difficult to read and track words on a page. Depression – I should say so.

I went to MS specialists in leading teaching hospitals and tried all the recommended drugs. Interferon did NOT work for me so I went on Copaxone, a daily injection. From there I looked for integrative doctors and nutritionists to see what they had to offer. I was given incredibly valuable information and still follow a good diet and supplements but it wasn’t enough to make a real difference to give me enough of my health or life back. Many tried to chelate metals from my body but the chelating drugs were too harsh for my sensitive and broken body.

I was extremely fortunate to find and work with a wonderful integrative M.D. who knew you and had sent other patients with diseases, left unanswered by allopathic medicine, to get the stem cells. During an appointment, I was describing the difficulty of my current existence and he said to me, “you have a progressively debilitating disease I suggest you get stem cells.” As I heard the words, a part of me knew what I had to do. “Can the cells hurt me?” I asked him as I thought this was the bottom line, and he answered that he strongly believed they could not and he told me why. I began my own research, spoke with patients who had received the cells and became convinced that they were effective for neurological illness and immune function.

In May 2003, I received treatment. I had an amazing reaction. Within a very short time, my spasticity was much reduced and that in itself gave me more energy and a better disposition. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to have that much pain and tension in your body. My brain fog was lessening and my dizzy spells happened with less frequency. I still walked with a cane, although I needed it less and less over time. Some days more than others but always wanted it just in case. The weakness in my left side was still there but as I began to exercise more, my balance and strength has truly improved. I do not use a cane today, have good balance and my nystagmus no longer happens. I am so grateful for every improvement I’ve experienced.

One year later, I had my yearly MRI taken by my neurologist, a distinguished and dedicated physician. I had not told him what I had done as I knew he would disapprove. It was his job to stay within the realm of the medicine he knew, and my job to heal myself. He entered the room and said, “I don’t know what you’ve done, but your MRI shows lesions fading or faded. We have not ever seen a result like this.” I let out a big “YES!” but said nothing more.

After a period of a very inward orientation, it is time for me to communicate and be part of the world again and it is an important part of my life to share my experience. There are so many of us suffering in silence and seclusion that need the help of therapy that has been considered “out of the box,” or just ahead of its time. This therapy made a big difference in the course of my physical health and life. I offer my experience with the hope that it will help to change another’s life.


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