Lupus Patient: Sandra

I have had Lupus since 1983. The lupus symptoms I have are inflammation of the lining of lungs and heart along with pleurisy. The inflammation and pleurisy cause severe chest pain and shortness of breath.

In 1994, my attacks became more frequent. My doctor did a treatment call apheresis (blood separation) and began chemotherapy using cytoxan. The chemotherapy was done on an as needed basis. In the beginning the cytoxan treatments were pretty frequent, but eventually I was able to go anywhere from 3 to 6 months between treatments. After these treatments, I would feel fairly well for several months.

In December of 2007, 1 began to have attacks with intense chest pains. As usual, my doctor ordered the cytoxan treatment. This was the beginning of my nightmare. For some reason, my body decided to reject the treatment. From that point on the cytoxan treatments did nothing to stop the pain. From December to May, they tried everything they thought could possibly help including more aphereses treatments and solumedrol drips. Nothing worked. Meanwhile, my doctor was performing all types of tests to see if they could determine the cause of the attacks. My attacks, in the past could usually be pinpointed to something else going on such as flu, colds, infections, etc. Nothing showed up on any of the tests. He told me their was nothing more he could do and that most probably I would continue to suffer from intensely painful uncontrollable Lupus attacks.

In May 2008, I thought it could not get any worse but then it did. I no longer had any strength due to the high dosages of steroids and the painful lupus attacks. I was taking from 40 mg to 60 mg of prednisone a day just to try to lessen the pain. My legs became so weak that I could not step up onto a curb without falling. The chest pains were so severe that just trying to breathe was becoming more and more difficult. The doctors were unable to find anything to lessen my attacks. I now knew that I was dying.

I had been talking to Stem Cell Of America for several months and was preparing to make their June treatment date, but then as I rapidly got weaker and weaker, I knew I would not be able to live much longer, so I made arrangements for their next treatment.

I received my fetal stem cells Saturday, May 3, 2008. I woke up the next morning completely pain free and have remained so since!

Three weeks after my stem cell treatment I went for a follow up appointment with my rheumatologist. He was just amazed by my lack of symptoms. He then decided to run a complete blood work on me.

When he got the results back (attached), he called me and said he was “stunned”, everything was basically normal. He then told me; I WAS IN REMISSION.

All my relatives and friends are happily astounded. I have no chest pain at all and I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger day by day. I can even easily walk up steps.

I thank God every day for the stem cell procedure and that I AM STILL ALIVE!


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