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I had my first stem cell treatment 10 years ago. I was 55 years of age. I did it serendipitously just too sort of discover what it might do for me. I didn’t know any preconceived notion of what to expect, but I never realized I had so many little aches and pains ‘til they all went away. ‘Cause the first thing I noticed was a very long term pain in my back which was a severe injury, like 25 years before that, totally went away. First time I’ve been pain free- and I’ve tried everything – acupuncture, chiropractic – everything- But nothing really helped. ‘Til the stem cells – and then in 3 days, approximately, it was totally gone! And so was the tennis elbow, the Achilles heel tendon injury, the groin pull, a neck problem that caused headaches – that was from a car crash. All these things went away in about 3 days after the stem cell infusion. I’m back here doing it again today – I’ve been doing it about every 5 years – and I think it rejuvenated me and generally energizes me. And one of the most incredible things – I had once injured on of my ears by using a start pistol, like to begin a race, and the shockwave of the sound had damaged my ear. It rattled - for 25 years it rattled. And the first time I did stem cells, it was the first time it ever stopped in 25 years – and it has never rattled since. The 2nd time I did stem cells, I didn’t have a lot of things to notice right away, but I do know that every time I get stem cells, my Rheumatoid Arthritis does go away for a number of months. Then because my immune system is crazy – that’s what Rheumatoid Arthritis is – it starts coming back. So hopefully I’ll be in remission for several months and then if it comes back, I’ll deal with it and return and do stem cells again and I’ll beat it back down. That’s the way my friend told me it worked with Alzheimer’s – it made it go away for a number of years – and then the Alzheimer’s started coming back so they did another infusion and I guess that means they’re then growing new neurons up in - like new brain cells and they’re good for a number of years and that’s just kind of a fountain of youth for the cells that need it. Well however I explain it, I think the main thing is just to get the word out there – I mean it’s just been such a phenomenal help to me and others that I know and I’m not really good at doing this – But I just want to share this so that others will be informed, take advantage of this opportunity to help themselves in ways that they wouldn’t even dream!

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