Journal of Multiple Sclerosis Patient: L

Day by day account of Patient L.
Diagnosis-Multiple Sclerosis, Treatment Date-10/19/19

Saturday, October 19th (Treatment)
Immediately noticed vision improvement
My eyes could focus longer
Energy temporarily then a bit sleepy (but not fatigued)
While resting, I felt a strong wave of energy, very noticeable
Got up to pee, had the energy to walk to the bathroom while balancing with my hand on the wall (haven’t felt like that for 8-12 months)
Noticed speech did not deteriorate like it usually does when I don’t sleep or it’s been a long day.
Fell asleep very easily (within 20 minutes vs. 1-3 hours)

Sunday, October 20th
Cognitive focus & clarity (I can think!)
Heightened smell!
I feel my toes!! They’ve been tingling & numb for years!!
I feel my legs, they were almost numb. Could barely feel anything before.
I walked around the entire kitchen (touching counter for balance) before just walking 3 feet was completely exhausting.
I felt more core/lumbar stability!! Less wobbly!!
Less shakiness in legs, more coordination.
Wasn’t fatigued at all (physically or mentally)
Wrote a paragraph, handwriting improved, was not nearly difficult to write as usual. And my eyes stayed focused!!!!
I called my friend and she couldn’t believe my speech. First thing she said was, wow you sound different and clear!
I feel overall happier more settled mood
Not depressed or any weird neurotic/highly emotional feelings of gloom
I sense my private area (like it woke up)
No head wobbling. No bobble head while sitting!
Feel sleepy off & on (like not the normal fatigue, but want to sleep & nap)
More control when I go to sit (I don’t feel like a complete free fall drop)
Easier to stand up from sitting (more controlled)
Fell asleep very quickly.

Monday, October 21st
Woke up without struggling to roll over in bed. Didn’t feel a cognitive fog, but still wanted coffee.
Went to the bathroom and had a Normal bowel movement within seconds, no pain, constipation...whoa!
I feel a sense of wanting to really live a full life, rich in experiences, travel & culture!
Speech was clear last night (middle of night when I heard my son was still awake)
I sung today and could change my tone of voice. Whoa! It didn’t tire me out.
Pooped normally about 4-5 times today. I think my intestines are getting fixed.
Felt tired but no cognitive fog.
Mucus-stool bowel movement
Noticed much easier to cook, Hand-eye coordination
I can stand without touching anything and my toes aren’t white from being clenched tight!!!
I can carry a clear conversation while standing with very little swaying (lumbar is strong)
Cook time is easily cut in half. Not absolutely exhausted afterwards either.

Tuesday, October 22nd
Fell asleep almost immediately after I shut my eyes last night (Taking less Benzodiazepines)
Woke up without feeling too groggy. My body could move in bed without aches & pains.
I have a strong feeling to get up, feel the sun & start my day (WITHOUT coffee in me yet)
My stomach is growling and making noises, things are happening in my intestines still.
I think my vision has improved, interested in going to optometrist to see if my eye Rx changed.
My mind feels cool & awake, like temperature and feel cognitively clear. Still no coffee yet.
Able to get in bathtub much easier
My toes, feet & legs can feel the water!!! Not numb anymore!! I can feel the temperature.
Way more balanced while sitting
Able to get out of bathtub in only 1 try!
No electric shock in back when I lean left & no jolting forward!!
I walked in closet & turned around and took approximately 5 more small slow steps! I turned around without holding onto anything!

I’m excited to see how much more I progress!

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