Hughes Syndrome Patient: CC

-CC, Diagnosis- Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) or Hughes Syndrome:

The nerves to initiate the leg coming up with the knee bent has started to work. It is not very strong & at times the therapist my have to cue it, but It is starting to work. Before the therapist & I would really struggle to get me to step up on the first step & now we do this with little effort. I can get my leg about half way up on the stair. Once there I am able to step down on my own. I wish there was a way to make my hips even stronger. Right after my treatment I had 2 separate Physical Therapy Evaluations. Kaiser recommended physical therapy 5 days a week. After 5 weeks of pool therapy 2x a week I showed increased strength. Walking in the pool with the walker was difficult at 1st. My legs kept crossing, we had to use a ball between my knees. I was stiff & had a lot of difficulty moving. Today I can stand with the walker & transfer. I walk 40 feet to the bed. I am in the pool 2x a week for 1 hour. I am walking with bent knees picking up my legs with a bent knee & walking. I can almost get on the first step of the pool. I can step down from the step. My legs no longer cross. The hip abductors are starting to get stronger.

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