Fibromyalgia Patient: Taylor

- Taylor's mom wrote:

My daughter Taylor suffers from Fibromyalgia. She had severe headaches, muscle pain all over her body, chronic fatigue, and had great difficulty even in getting out of bed because of her intense pain. She was constantly nauseated and throwing up. Doctors told me the only way they could help Taylor was for her to keep taking more narcotic medications which were causing her to start to lose her ability to use her arms and legs. It got to the point that she was unable to even hold something in her hands without dropping it.

Since the procedure we have see many improvements with Taylor.

Some of these are:

. The pain in her body has completely disappeared

. No more feeling nauseous

. No more dizziness

. No more headaches and migraines

. No more dark circles under her eyes (within only 45 minutes after treatment)

. Feeling a lot more energy

. Back to her normal weight

. She no longer takes any medications

We are very grateful for the new positive changes.


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