Fibromyalgia Patient: Susan

We have arrived home (Brisbane/Australia) just over an hour ago after travelling for 24 hours. Delays etc. made it a very long journey back to Brisbane.

As the time went on and I realized that it was virtually going to take a lot longer to get home than it should have, I began to feel a little bit of panic inside. Would my body take this, what was going to happen to me; because fatigue is one of my symptoms that sets everything off. Burning sensations all over my body, the idea of having to sit on my backside for all that time would give me pain in every muscle and would be excruciating, nausea would be a problem and of course I need not tell you the symptoms, you know from others you have treated with the same condition.

The day we were to leave, on Tuesday, I awoke with little pain. The first time in eleven years. Good start I thought. However, I was very apprehensive about the trip back home. As I said in an earlier email today, if I had done this last month I would be in a blithering mess, full of pain, nausea, burning sensation all over, I could go on and on about the symptoms. I did not get very much sleep at all but I have just kept going after walking in the door of our home. Before, I think I would be dead.

I had a great time shopping for my grandchildren and have just washed all the new clothes and HUNG THEM ON THE CLOTHESLINE. First time I could do that in absolute years. No burning, no pain in my arms, except fatigue. However, I think I stood up to the trip better than my husband.

Follow up note-

Only 15 days since I had my treatment. I know you told me to be patient and that the treatment would work in approximately three to six months.

Well, as you know Fibromyalgia creates a lot of different symptoms – these are the ones to date that seem to have improved immensely:

. Body burning/fever all over

. Fibro fog

. Depression

. Fatigue

. Trembling in hands

. Nerves jumping in hands and arms

. Cement legs and arms

. Nausea


. Swelling of feet

. Sleeping

. Weight loss

. Headaches

. Profuse perspiration

The medications I have completely stopped:

. Cymbalta


. Abilify

. Down to 1 Stillnox (instead of three)

The only things I have to deal with now are pain (down by 50%) and my high blood pressure. Pain responds better to Tramal now more so than it did before.

Am I happy – I am ecstatic. It is only 15 days.


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