Epilepsy Patient: Carol

When her parents brought her to Stem Cell Of America, Carol was six and had suffered from epilepsy since she was a few months old. She was on several seizure medications. Due to the effects of her seizures, she had poor cognitive abilities, limited ability to follow instructions, trouble sitting still, and poor eating habits. Carol rarely interacted with her brother, and when she did it would often be in the form of aggression.

- Three months after Carol’s treatment, her mother wrote this progress report:

The effects of the stem cells have given us new hope. Carol’s cognition has noticeably improved. She is listening and responding to others better and able to follow instructions much like any other normal healthy child. She’s also able to sit still and wait patiently when she has to, something that she could never manage before. Her appetite has noticeably improved. Since she received the stem cells, she has also begun playing appropriately with her brother, and overall she is acting more mature.

Carol’s neurologist not only confirmed the positive changes we have seen in Carol, but said that they were “obvious and dramatic.” He decided that it was no longer necessary for Carol to be on her seizure medication, so now she is off all of her medication.

Since then, though Carol still experiences an occasional seizure from time to time, they are far less in number and much reduced in their severity, to the point where they are almost unnoticeable.

After all that we have endured trying to get help for Carol, I can say without any hesitation that it is the fetal stem cells that have made such a difference. With everything else we tried, the benefits were minimal at best, and fleeting.


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