Epilepsy Patient: Bupinder

- Bupinder's mom wrote:

Great news - Bupi's seizures have decreased by 20% and even though he still has the odd one, he is not as lethargic as he used to be, he would sleep up to 7-8 hrs in the past & now he only sleeps 4-5hrs however now straight after the seizure he is awake & then falls a sleep.

His sleeping patterns have change - he now goes to bed between 9-10pm and wakes up early in the morning about 7-8am, now has BREAKFAST!!!

His body language has changed & is more aware of his surroundings, what we say to him, we even caught him laughing whilst he was watching Herbie the movie.

He has become a very bright loveable young man. We are planning to visit you again next year and having more treatment in the future.

Once again Bupi's family would like to thank you for your help and a brighter future for our son Bupi.

Take care

Manjit & family


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