Down Syndrome Patient: Luca

- Luca's mom wrote:

Luca was born with Down Syndrome. He was a typical Down Syndrome baby both physically and mentally. When he was 7 months old he received his first fetal stem cell treatment. Within 24 hours he was a completely different child. It was as if a light switch was turned on. Fe became very alert and active. Prior to going for the treatment, if you would call his name he would not pay attention. Now he would whip his head around and look directly at you. He also was not even remotely close to sitting and within one week he was sitting independently. His therapist at the time was shocked she said in all the years of doing therapy it was something she had never seen before. His understanding of the world around him began to show remarkable positive changes. Then to my amazement he started to change physically. His tiny ears grew to normal size and position. The flatness of his forehead, nose, and the back of his neck all became rounded. Also his eyes became more parallel. His IQ was tested and it showed above average. To date he is mentally very quick and his comprehention is awsome. He is also speaking with remarkable articulation. All of these qualities makes my heart soar because I was constantly told by doctors that he would never develop normally. Instead we get complemented frequently on how outstanding and “charming” he is. The doctors tell me they have never seen such remarkable changes in a down syndrome child and ask me “what are you doing with Luca to have him doing so well, you must be spending hours a day in therapy?” and I always say “I do not spend hours with him in therapy we do fetal stem cell therapy”. You gave our family hope when all I got from other doctors were negative statements on how Luca would never develop normally. Because of you and stem cells, Luca continues to do wonderfuly. He is the same as his peers socially, physically and mentally.


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