Diagnosis-COPD: Marge

My name is Marge. I live in Reno, NV. I'm now 66 years old, A Mother of two wonderful Daughters, four Grandchildren and 4 Great Grandsons. I have a lot to live for as you can see. In July 2014 I found a site on the internet that talked of Stem Cell Therapy, It peaked my attention, I researched every aspect of this revolutionary treatment, It almost sounded too good to be true. I was dealing with COPD, My hair was falling out literally to the point I feared I would go bald. I had many trips to the ER because of my breathing and low O2, My potassium levels were always way too low, I coughed so much I ended up with a Hernia, I was using more and more inhalers, My skin looked like snake skin so rough and dry, My eyesight was affected as well. I am so thankful, I never dreamed I would actually have an opportunity to change my life to the point I could see a healthier future for myself. I have been plagued with COPD for 14 years. Always being told there is no cure took its toll on me. It really was a death sentence to me. I had nothing to look forward to, no hope at all according to the Pulmonary Doctors here in Reno, NV. My Oxygen levels were in the tank. I used 4 1/2 to sometimes 5 liters on my O2 tank just to be able to breathe and move around. I got pushed around in a wheel chair anytime the kids wanted me to take part in any type of event because I didn't have the lung power to walk very far. On August 23rd 2014, I broke away from the negative and made a decision to take my life back. I had the Stem Cell Treatment. It was the best thing I could have ever done. Now, Since my Stem cells, within 6 months, I have reduced those numbers down to 2 liters, That's 2 liters ! Amazing, I am so amazed so thankful for a real chance at life God Bless you for bringing this treatment to people so close to home, who can't travel overseas or even think about how to afford it. Just a quick trip over the border and so close to the people in the USA. My progress is amazing to date, I am now able to walk around in stores, Do my own shopping, which to some may not sound like much, but, to me it's big. I can actually go shopping, I do use the carts for support as well as groceries. I don't struggle for air like I used to. My Doctor assured me that in time everything would become normal again. I kept my trust in his word. Over the next 6 months after the procedure I kept insisting to him that something was really wrong with my legs and feet, however, it kept falling on deaf ears. All he wanted was to talk about was my back pain. I told him very well, but I was much more concerned about my other frightening symptoms, which he was refusing to deal with, or really even to acknowledge. My hair is growing back, nice and thick, My eye sight has actually improved My eyes sight seems brighter and healthier, The Hernia pain I had for years has gone away, My skin is softer and not so dry and flakey, I have reduced the amount of inhalers and useage to twice a day instead of 6, My Potassium levels have been staying in the normal range, A real miracle there as well, all this in just 6 short months time. I have to admit I was a real skeptic even after the treatment, to hope that my breathing could actually improve. Let alone as much as it has. I was hopeful this would work for me, But, I can't be anything but extremely surprised and very pleased with this treatment now! I look forward to more changes down the road. My ultimate wish was to get off the O2 altogether and get rid of the cannula that's been stuck on my face for years. In due time I hold out hope this too can happen. In the meantime, I am so pleased with my progress, I no longer hate that old cannula as much as I did. It is such a Blessing to me and my family that this treatment worked so well. I had become a frequent flier at the ER in the past because of the COPD. To date, I have not had to make any trips to the Hospital for my usual flare up and Bronchitis. My immune system is very strong now that, in itself is another miracle for me. I have nothing but praise for this treatment. I look forward to a long happy healthier life now. Thanks, to everyone who helped me get there. I have referred a number of people to Stem Cell of America, I love talking to people about it because I am confident this will also be successful for them. With Sincere Thanks and Praise Marge


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