Diabetes Patient

I am a 71 year old man. I have a few medical problems- kidney ,heart ,and the longest one is diabetes for 27 years, insulin dependent 4 times a day. sugar highs and lows, and mood swings, but no answers anywhere except dialysis. Research lead me to stem cell. Further research lead me to Stem Cell of America there system seemed to make more sense as we dug deeper. I was skeptical and at my age unsure but my wife and I decided to try, so on March 21 2015 we had treatment, and after 4 weeks went for an eye exam. The eye problems was having were gone and I had no signs of diabetes in eyes. I never gave it a thought of stem cells working, until 2 weeks later when I took a blood sugar test and did not require insulin. As of this letter, now some 33 days later I have not taken an injection. My blood sugar levels are great average 6 to 8 . I might add the savings on diabetic supplies are showing up. We are very new to stem cell treatment but so far we are amazed and we just know it will keep working on my other areas. Thanks again to all staff at Stem Cell of America.

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