Diabetes Patient: Sujatha

The best part of my journey to the treatment center was meeting such amazing people.

After the treatment, I had two Blood Tests, and the both results showed that my blood sugar level is getting better. On October 31st, my family doctor reduced one medication (Metformin 500MG) that I was taking 3 tablets a day to 2 tablets. Also, he said my cholesterol, urine much better than the last test. I am very confident that I will have to take lesser medication or no medication in the near future.

Now let me explain how I feel! Finding right words is the hardest part. I feel like Stem Cell of America put my old and ready-to-break bones in a miracle oil bath tub and washed them well before giving them back, because now I have nothing to complaint and I have no joint pains, back pain or shoulder pain, no swollen ankles any more! Before the treatment, if I walked to the pharmacy from my home, when coming back I had painful swollen ankles, so I always tried to ask help from my daughter. But even before completing one month after the treatment, I started to enjoy walking happily, and day by day I am increasing the activities to my body. I couldn't sleep well because of the burning feelings of my feet, and 3 days after the treatment it started faidding away. My apatite is back, and now I only eat healthy food, and started drinking Green Juice. Since Stem Cell of America gave me a new life to enjoy, I want to respect him by treating my body as good as I can. I check my blood sugar daily, today the sugar level was low (3.4) before super. I had a half a glass of orange juice and ate dinner, it became normal. For two months my usual blood- sugar levels between 4-7, and I feel happier and healthier. All my family and friends say my skin looks brighter and healthier. I don't look tired any more.

On October 31st, my weight was 63 kgs, and compared to 69 kgs that I had 9 months ago this is an improvement. Now I am gaining Energy, not Weight! I play with my grand-children happily and without getting tired. They are the main beneficiaries of my treatment- they have more of my loving care.

I have nothing to complaint, and I feel like more good results are coming. Thank you very much. Every day I am praying for all of your happiness!

With love,



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