Cerebral Palsy Patient: Kate

- Kate's mom wrote:

First off, we want to say how blessed we are to have found you and for what you and your research has done for our dear Katie.

We have gone to your clinic and can not stop raving about the results. Three short days after her second treatment, Kate stood by herself for the very first time. Then 3 weeks after that, she took her first steps. She even stood by herself today for 19 seconds! Pretty darn amazing for a child they said would never walk independently! I know its the cells!

As well, we have seen her vocabulary and comprehension increase twenty-fold. She went from simple 2-3 word sentences to just recently starting to talk in full and complete 5-6 word sentences. Everyone around her is shocked and amazed her new found abilities. She herself is so proud of being able to start doing things like other kids, its fills my heart.

Kate also learned how to be potty trained in less than 2 days, remarkable for a child with cerebral palsy!

You alone have given Kate the opportunity to lead as normal a life as possible and you will forever hold a place in our hearts as giving us back the child we were supposed to have.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Cindy & Jason


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