Cerebral Palsy Patient: Allan

Within just a few hours after my son Allan was treated, I was virtually levitating with excitement because of the many miracles I was seeing.

For the first time in his life, my sweet little boy was able to take reciprocating steps. Usually he drags both feet together when he's in his walker. But minutes after the fetal stem cell shot, he was able to take regular steps in his walker with his feet flat on the floor. In the past he always stood on tippy toes and couldn't place his feet flat on the floor.

stem cell cerebral palsy

He even stopped having spasms. It brought tears to my eyes when he said to me "Mommy, I'm not spasiming anymore”. Then he began to show off a bunch of his new skills.

He could move his wrists and hands in circles. He took a paper and pen and started to draw circles for the first time!

He was able to move his arms and hands effortlessly. His body was relaxed and his adductors were loose.

All through that first day and night he proudly showed us all the new things that he was unable to do, just the day before.


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