Cardiomyopathy Patient: JL

- JL, Diagnosis- Cardiomyopathy:

3 month follow-up, My stamina has definitely improved and my episodes of atrial fibrillation are much diminished. I have started taking slightly less cardiac medication and will continue to do that gradually. Friends have told me that I look much brighter and appear to have more energy. As a matter of interest, yesterday coming out of a grocery store in my neighborhood, I met a doctor I had worked with at the hospital. I had not seen him since about 1997 as I retired in 1998. I reminded him who I was in case he didn't remember me. He seemed at bit amazed and said "you don't look any different". That was a pleasant surprise. I am optimistic that I will continue to see improvement in my general health as well as my cardiac health. Patient: JL, Diagnosis- Cardiomyopathy, Treatment Date:11/14/15 Initial follow up. I felt considerable improvement from the evening of the procedure. I didn't consciously think about it until I arrived back home. I realized then that I had no cardiac episodes of atrial fibrillation and better still no fatigue. This after spending the last day travelling with nothing to eat until 3:30 p.m. that last day. I no longer wake up feeling fatigued nor do I feel the extreme fatigue during the day. When I do get tired it is a normal tired after a long walk (to the dentist yesterday) and a 3/4 hr walk to join my Widow"s group for coffee . My friends say I look brighter and more energetic and I think are rather envious!! Thank you for your excellent care and organization.

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