Cancer Patient: Bob

I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer at the GE Junction in June of 2009. I went through 6 chemo treatments and 28 radiation treatments. On Aug 12 2009, I went to University of Pa. for an operation. The doctors removed 2/3 of my stomach and 75% of my esophagus. I then went through 4 more chemo treatments. While going through the first 6 chemo treatments, I was very sensitive to cold. If I touched something that was cold, my hand stung. If I walked on the tile floor barefoot my feet would sting. I could not drink anything cold. If I did it would feel like razor blades going down my throat. I then went one year with scans every 3 months. All scans where clear until my one year scan. They saw that the cancer went to my liver and one lung. The doctors told me that I was not curable but treatable. They also said with treatment I would live about a year. They doctors waited me to go through with 4 rounds of chemo, getting them every other week. I started the chemo again. It was the same chemo that the doctors gave me for my first 6 rounds. I came to you on September 23, 2010. While going through the chemo, I felt great. I kept my color and energy. The sensitivity to the cold was no where near what it was when I first got the chemo. I could touch cold items in the refrigerator and walk on the cold floor. I could also drink cold drinks. After the 4 rounds of chemo (two months) I had gotten another cat scan on November 2, 2010. The results where that all of the cancer had shrunk by 50%. The doctors were very pleased and scheduled me for 4 more rounds of chemo and then another scan. I have scheduled another treatment for December 3, 2010. Thank you very much for all your help so far.


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