Brain Damage Patient: Terrie

stem cell therapy for brain injury 1. Hurray, Terrie for the first time since her brain injury has movement in her right side; she is even able to move her right arm and pull up her right leg! 2. Terrie's right hand was always in a tight fist. Now, it has become loose and when she stretches, her fingers are completely straight. 3. Her appetite has continued to increase allowing her to gain weight. 4. Before the stem cells treatment, Terrie usually was sleeping by 3-4 in the afternoon and would stay asleep until the next morning. Now she has a lot of energy - staying up till 12 midnight for new years! 5. Ever since her brain injury her eyes would rapidly flutter back and forth all the time without ever stopping. (nystagmus). Her nystagmus has now completely disappeared! 6. Her pupils are much more reactive to light and dark. Prior to the treatment, there was very little response. 7. We have seen an overall reduction in her seizures. She used to have 2-4 major seizures a day, lasting approximately 3-5 minutes. (myoclonic type) and now she, at worst, may have 1 very quick minor seizure like event a night (nocturnal seizure). 8. Terrie is trying to talk soooo hard. She is pushing air and moving her mouth to say a word. We know she is close to talking and we are so excited!! 9. Terrie has been able to go to the bathroom (bowel movements) without the use of a laxative. Prior to the treatment, Terrie always had to receive multiple laxatives. 10. Around 8:30 p.m. on January 7th, Terrie put her left thumb in her mouth and was just moving it around slightly. Then, she started to suck her thumb. This went on for about 10 seconds!! This may not sound like a major achievement, but for my little angel, after all the doctors had given me no hope for any recovery, for us it was a milestone. I was overcome with emotion, and just couldn’t stop crying. This is truly another sign that the stem cells are working.Last night on my way home from work, I prayed to God about my Terrie and once again asked for his help and guidance in healing her (as i do several times throughout my day every day). But this time it was different. I spoke with God out loud to show myself, here, in my reality, that he has heard my prayers. He not only does but he is answering them. An incredible moment for me.


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