Brain Damage Patient: Louis

- Louis's Mother The changes in Louis have been miraculous. Here is a list of the progress we’ve seen in him since he was treated. In general, Louis has become much more aware and is able to understand what is said to and asked of him. He anticipates activities when he is told what is going to happen, and for the first time in his life he has started to smile. Seeing that sweet smile brought tears to our eyes. His breathing is much more normal. He breathes more deeply and without noise from the fluid buildup in his throat, and now rarely needs to be suctioned. He is also handling his secretions better by coughing up mucus. His reflexive pupil response to light is now perfect, whereas before his pupils were fixed and dilated. He can now eat one full jar of baby food, he swallows more consistently, and he is finally able to close his mouth around a spoon. His bowel movements are much more regular as well. He has much better head control now and is even able to hold his head up when he is carried. He is starting to move his left leg, and he is able to purposely grasp things with his left hand as well. His right hand, which had become rigid and closed, has now released. - In her next letter, Louis’s mother wrote: Louis has remained very healthy, without any sign of infections. Before the stem cells, he would become sick very often. Another big development is that the Baclofen pump has been dramatically reduced without any return of his painful muscle spasms. He can now understand simple commands; as a result, he’s become much more vocal. He laughs out loud, and his breathing is so much better that he can blow a horn. He is beginning to be able to oppose his left index finger and thumb in a pincher grip. He’s able to roll over from a supine position all by himself, and he gives me huge hugs. He now has the ability to under-stand complex commands and is displaying an increased range of emotions and is engaged socially He has more likes and dislikes and is able to express them. He is more interested in and aware of other children, and he is also developing a sense of humor. The physical improvements are continuing, too. He is growing taller and gaining weight. In addition, his scoliosis has improved by 40 percent! My son, who was supposed to remain emotionless and motionless, he is now crawling around like crazy and is constantly happily laughing out loud.


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