Brain Damage Patient: Jonathan

- Jonathan's mom wrote:

My son Jonathan has a severe brain injury as a result of a vaccine injury. He had an adverse reaction to the hepatitis B vaccine that he received when he was only 3 days old.

Brain scans and MRI showed that over 50% of his brain was dead, damaged, destroyed and gone... obliterated. He was left with blindness, seizures, a feeding tube, gastric reflux with a great risk for aspiration pneumonia, a shunt in his brain, on multiple medications and also suffered from many other complications. He was considered medically very unstable and we were told that they did not expect him to live.

He was having over 500 seizures a day even though he was on multiple different medications in an attempt to control them. Eventually the Doctors told me that there was nothing more they could do to stop Jonathan’s seizures.

He had been suffering with 500 seizures a day for about a year when I first brought him to Stem Cell of America.

Almost immediately after the stem cells his seizures improved. From having over 500 a day they went down to 250 a day. Each time we went for a treatment, we saw another decrease and then it went from 250 to 125, then 90, then 60, then 30, then 20 and now he has less than 10 seizures a day... and he takes no medication at all for his seizures. There are even days that he has less than 5 seizures a day. Quite a change from 500.

I had been told by his neurologist that as he grew up and went through puberty that his seizures would only get worse. That has not happened. He has gone through puberty and he continues to improve to the amazement of his doctors.

Normal vision is measured as 20/20 and it is measured as 20/200 when you are considered legally blind. My son was measured at 20/2700.

You can tell a difference when someone actually makes eye contact with you and when someone is staring right through you and now I could tell that my son was beginning to make actual eye contact

So, I took him to have his vision rechecked. The brain scans and MRI that had been done in the past had showed that the entire part of the brain that allowed for vision was destroyed and gone... and I was told that he would be permanently blind.

When I had him re-tested after the stem cells his vision had improved from 20/2700 to 20/1400. This was about a 50% reduction in his visual deficit! This was amazing! We continued to test him on a regular basis and his improvements went from 20/1400 to 20/960, then 20/470 and finally this year he was measured at 20/360! He is now able to wear glasses.

The stem cells are regenerating Jonathan’s brain. The vision center of the brain is being restored! How incredibly exciting!

With the reduction in seizures and his new found ability to see my son has a markedly better quality of life. He now has a much improved ability to learn and is beginning to really enjoy the world around him.

Thank you for the work you are doing to help those who otherwise have no hope!


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