Brain Damage Patient: Carol

- Carol's mom wrote:

Carol was born brain damaged resulting in her suffering with an extensive and complicated medical history; including a seizure disorder, severe GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), chronic constipation, slow gastric emptying, hypothyroidism and significant global developmental delay. She is unable to walk, stand or even crawl.

Carol was 2 years old when we brought her to Stem Cell of America. Within only a few days after the stem cell treatment, we noticed a significant increase in babbling in Carol. She was making sounds such as "b", "m" and "d" which she really had not done before.

Carol also had a significant improvement in her GI reflux symptoms. Before the fetal stem cells, she would throw up frequently throughout the day (10-20x/day). Also she was not able to tolerate being on any hard surface such as lying on the floor.

After the treatment, her reflux stopped! We were able to put Carol on the floor to allow her to feel her own body and be independent without throwing up. It was great.

We also noticed that she seemed much more connected to the world and her surroundings than before. That was a huge improvement.

Carol was diagnosed as being legally blind. After her treatment she started to see objects. She was actually looking directly at things and for the first time started to pay attention to the world around her.

Since she received her second stem cell treatment her eyesight has continued to improve at even a greater rate and now she is able to move her arms and legs with vigor and roll over all by herself.

I am very happy to say that her connection with her surroundings has gotten to the point that one would even call her "nosey"!


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