Brain Damage Patient: Andi

My name is Matthew and I am the home health nurse of Andi.

Andi has returned home to live for the first time since his accident in 2007!

Andi continues to progress daily with high hopes of a nearly full recovery, granted!

Andi has just recently came to a point where he is breathing over his ventilator and in fact, off his ventilator on his own!!! Amazing! I was sceptical and searched for every reason to explain it other than him breathing alone... but at the end of every excuse.. was no answer.

Andi's hearing has also returned at the denial of his ENT-Dr. Wayslik, however, an audiologist has evidence through testing- Andi in fact can hear at higher volumes!

As with hearing, his sight is also returning!! Andi was screened and its evident Andi can visualize without a clear focus!!

Although all this is a miracle in my eyes, I cant thank any of you enough for the effort made during Andi's stem cell treatments and I relate all his success to his treatments under your care!



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