Autism Patient: Sammy

Diagnosis-Autism Spectrum Disorder, Epilepsy Mild, Treatment Date-1/19/19 10 years old

6 Month follow-up

Sammy continues to improve. He is really doing great at school. He is reaching goals on his IEP and has others emerging. Sammy is no longer afraid of going to Costco or Target. Sammy is getting better at his independent living skills.

Sammy is absolutely crushing his ABA Therapy goals. He is mastering everything they are throwing at Sammy. Sammy’s personality is coming out more. He knows when we are joking with him.

Sammy is much more persistent in the last two weeks. He’s using his AAC / talker device to communicate more and more. Sammy just finished his summer school session and got a great report. The teacher said he is a Ray of Sunshine. Sammy’s verbal is slowly improving but his awareness of his needs are much much better. The connection with mom has also improved. Sammy has been swimming almost every day and is engaging more with peers .

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