Autism Patient: Jayden

Jayden started treatment for Autism in 2016 when he was five years old.  This is a chronological record of the changes his parents observed from 2016 to 2022. He has had three treatments which have greatly enhanced the speed of positive changes which have been observed.  


Initial follow-up

Almost immediately Jayden seemed to be focusing more and also able to figure things out on his own.  


We have seen some progress in Jayden in the following ways:
  • identify people by name and by family typese. Brother, nana, papa, mommy and daddy
  • uses language and appropriate phrases such as please, thank you, your welcome, are you ok etc.
  • request more specific things such as water, snacks, iPad, specific toys, etc.
  • uses more speech than before, but still has at least 75% baby gibberish language.
  • transitions better, but still has problems occasionally.
  • his tantrums/fits are minimal but when he's does have them we can see that he tries to calm himself down to work through it, they last up from seconds to approx. 10 mins.
  • he has shown more emotions, such as sadness, anger, fear and joy.  Such as rather than a tantrum he will show a scowl and tell us in a anger tone that he is not pleased, as he usually just went with it with little or no emotion.
  • his motor skills have improved, with holding scissors, eating utensils, pencils, etc.  But still needs improvement.
  • he is more focused to read books to him, and will join in and repeat the words.
  • we have seen some days that Jayden rarely needs his iPad, as he is more aware of things to do, rather than the comfort of his iPad, such books, imaginary play with his toys and building.
  • now in school he engages with the tasks with the other classmates with little promoting by his aid, as he is no longer the outsider observing the tasks and play.
  • his memorization is improved.
  • his immunity has improved, such as not always catching the common cold or other illness going around
  • he’s more focused when we are talking to him, but sometime we have to get close and come down to his level, to get eye contact so he can focus on what we are saying to him.  We have seen he is looking around and seeing things as if it was for the first time.
  • More aware of his surroundings and taking it all in.  Such as landmarks around the city when we are driving he will say school, grandmas, Auntie, home, etc.


  • Jayden is continuing to improve and impress us all. He's about 2 1/2 months into kindergarten and is doing amazing. He goes every second day full days and on the days he doesn't go he cries to go.
  • He's learned to write his name and is doing all the prepositions right now .
  • He blew the teacher away in how well he knew his alphabet and numbers to 20, he was able to identify all of them in a random order so that's awesome. He knows his big and small like the back of his hand that when his speech therapist had a whole lesson planned on that Jayden blew through it in 10 seconds that she had to move onto something else.
  • His transition is getting a lot better not so many "preps" for him- he's pretty much doing everything at the drop of a hat.
  • He's requesting kids to play with at school pretty much using sentences . He's got a great little group of buddies that look out for him and play with all the time.
  • He loves reading books so when I'm reading to him he's pretty much repeating word for word as I'm saying the sentence he's getting so close in taking off on his own I'm just waiting for the day.
  • His imaginary play is getting tons better still slips a fair bit in his gibberish talk but doesn't need the iPad in front of his face nonstop so that's good .
  • He started hockey which we are so proud of him for cause not even a month ago he cried and hated everything to do with hockey the helmet especially . Now in the last 2 weeks all of a sudden he loves skating and the equipment and is finally skating on his own. So he went from draping himself over the skating guide horse thing to now taking off own his own slowly but it's a start. He's involved in a hockey camp every Saturday morning and his skills are coming along nicely
  • He takes direction from the coach and we are excited to see what he does this hockey season. We never thought we see him on the ice for how much he cried and disliked it all. So lots of changes still happening with Jayden excited to see what else is to come for him.


Second Treatment follow up

3 Month follow-up,

So little bits of improvement with Jayden.
  • For sure his immunity is crazy good the whole family got the flu and he never did. Also battles a cold within days without it leading to any infections so for sure his immunity has been huge improvement whereas before he would catch everything..
  • His reading went from level H to now a J (grade 2 level is at K/L) so he’s doing well there. His comprehension is coming along still struggles with that. He’s doing a lot of communicating with visuals and drawing to help story tell. He needs those prompts to get his thoughts sorted out . When asking questions Jayden needs to actually hear the answer in the question with an A/B option for an answer to help him trigger his brain in answering correctly.
  • He aid at school is only hands on with him in English so basically Jayden is working independently 80% of the time with very little prompt. Basically aid is there to get him started and keep on track.
  • He’s got great friendships at school and is the most caring little boy. He really lives to please people so he needs to know when he does good and he gets excited when he knows he’s done good. He gets very upset if he does wrong or disappoints (which isn’t often) . Very perfectionist in his school work .


Second Treatment

6 month follow-up

Jayson is now in a social peer group and is doing amazing in that. 2 kids every day (it switches every day with the kids in his class) are with him on the playground all recesses then are taken out of class to do a 30 min interaction learn/play social activity with him and it’s helping him interact with his peers amazingly. This will be carried over to next year too. He is doing really great in school .  


Third Treatment

Just wanted to send an update on Jayden He had a treatment on June 18 and has had some improvement since being home.
  • On day 3 after treatment at school teacher and aid noticed way more attention. And even put his hand up to ask questions.
  • His communication with his peers were in sentences and not just phrases .
  • We have seen way more focus at home as well and more “awake” child way more energy
  • He is requesting his brother to go play where before he was content to go play on his own.
  • We’re so excited to see what’s to come.

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