Autism Patient: Daz

Daz is continuing to improve each day. We are just at the three month mark since treatment but have had some exciting advancements since then. I will list them in point form as that seems to be the most concise. 1. Post treatment (about 36 -48 hours) while staying with friends out of town, his enunciation improved from the point that- on Friday our friends were still having trouble understanding him- to him being clearly understood Sunday morning. 2. Many friends throughout the summer have said that he is much more engaged when in conversation with them. He is maintaining eye contact better and adding relevant comments to the conversation. 3. He is much calmer and has had a huge reduction in supplements since treatment (down about half) and I will begin further reductions this fall. The goal being no supplements beyond what is typical (vitamins and digestive enzymes) by year’s end. 4. Behaviors for the most part have all but disappeared. 5. Daz has always been gifted with computers and maps but now it has improved again. He is currently in a bit of a battle of wills with a friend of ours who is a computer programmer. Daz has his own laptop but has limited access to the internet. Various sites and access’ have been blocked with only a hidden back door for programming being left open. Within 12 hours of the block being put on he had found the new back door and had once again accessed the internet freely. At last count the blocker before he was in had said 9000 attempts. We have changed this and will see how long it takes for him to find the new hidden back door. 6. As indicated in the previous comment he is quite brilliant with computers. It should be noted that during the entire time he was looking for that back door (including the 9000 attempts) he did not get upset in any way. He just methodically continued to try and find a way in, which he eventually did. He is persistent, determined, and not easily frustrated to the point of being upset. At least with this task! LOL 7. Daz is improving greatly with his self care skills as well. He is in many ways a typical 12-13 year old boy and prone to being lazy on occasion. 8. His speech also continues to improve with complete sentences being used often and the syntax improving to being correct often as well. 9. School has commented that he is very engaged this year and continues to work very hard. His progress is remarkable. Aids have commented that he is not the same kid who was there in June. Remarkable improvement over the summer. 10. His teacher has also commented that out of the children in her class this year he is her favorite. 11. Daz is kind, caring and empathetic. Many other children continue to be drawn to him. This is has always been the case but even more so now that he is easier to engage and be friends with. 12. One of the biggest improvements at home is the ease with which he transitions from one task or activity to another. I only have to tell him once to do something and he is often following instructions by the time I even finish asking. There is no issue with shutting off the computer or going to bed. This is a great relief for Mom and Dad! 13. Our family vacation to come and have the treatment done was a pleasure. We were unsure how he would do but honestly none of us wanted it to end or come home! I hope this gives you a good idea of how he is doing and what has improved since June. We will keep in touch and continue to update you on a regular basis.


Update on Daz's progress as of 1/10/2020

Daz typically has learned new words as a whole. This morning he was telling a story and used a new word! He sounded it out using phonics. This has never happened before and indicates to me that the temporal region continues to heal. This is executive level functioning and accessing the cerebral cortex. This also occurs because his agitation levels have dropped as well. The occipital region of the brain. Proof of the normalization of the brain seen in our brain mapping done in July 2019. And a further update on speech from yesterday. Daz was leaving a message for a friend, his conversation was unprompted and unscripted. He spontaneously added "Take Care". This demonstrates an understanding of empathy and relationships. This is new too and has never happened before. Again, proof of healing!


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