Autism Patient: Benz

Benz was living in his own inner world mostly unresponsive to any external environmental stimuli. He made no eye contact and did not want to be touched. The only way he would be content was sitting alone in a dark room. - Benz's mom wrote: I have attached a summary of the improvements we have noticed with Benz over the last 3 months. For the first time Benz began to actually interact with us. He walked up the steps holding my hand. His sleeping has improved dramatically. Before the cells we would have to take him for a car ride to get him to bed at night. Then he would wake up around 2 am and would not go back to sleep, he kicked me and played with my hair till 6 am. I would finally have to leave because of my exhaustion and frustration. Not only do we no longer have to take him for a ride in the car now he simply allows us to just snuggle him and he falls asleep. For the first time he even fell asleep on his own in his bedroom. You cannot even begin to imagine what a huge deal this is in our lives!! He went near the DVD stand and I told him “No”, he listened and walked away. Now he is aware of others in the room, and will make eye contact with them often. If Benz is in his chair he will watch me in the kitchen, making supper and then whimper if he wants something. He notices things on the counter and will reach for them. If someone is eating or drinking he will walk over to them and try to take it. If he wants his music on he will come to me and put his arms up for me to pick him up. Before his cells he would totally avoid us, if he was in his room and we went in there he would leave right away. Now he wants to be around us more, he will come into the room we are in and he will hang around and brush up against us; he will even sit on our knee for long periods of time. Also he is starting to imitate things I do, (i.e. blow kisses). His communication with us improved immensely. He has learned to use signs for "Please” and “More” and he has started to use these signs consistently for things he wants. At the supper table he used to stare off in space shaking his head continuously and swinging his arm, often laughing or smiling looking at nothing (like he was totally in another world). He never noticed who was at the table or what we were eating. Now it is very rare for him to swing his arm or shake his head and he is very much aware of who is at the table and what we are drinking or eating. If it is something he wants he uses his sign “Please” or reaches for it. He started to use his left hand again. Prior he was not using it at all for fine motor skills, (eating, picking things up). Benz will now give kisses to me if I ask and a high five. He is becoming very snuggly and starting to respond to his name!! Benz pointed for the first time. He was sitting on my knee while we watched “Toopy and Bingo” a show he likes on the “Tree House" and he pointed to the TV at Toopy!! He also sat on his sister's knee for one and a half hours snuggling her and watching TV!! That is so great considering two and a half months ago he wouldn’t sit on our knee for even 1 minute. Also he is definitely more coordinated; climbing on the couch, walking back and forth on top and aware of the danger on the edge of couch. The other day he was in his stroller and was putting his arms out for me to take him out. He just wanted to sit on my knee!!!! He has never done that before. He now continuously wants to be picked up and gives huge tight hugs all the time!!!! If he gets hurt, he actually comes to me for comfort! Before he didn’t even want to be touched. They told me to accept the fact that there was no hope for Benz to ever be anywhere near like a normal child. Look at him now. All of these wonderful positive changes in my son who just 3 months ago would only want to sit alone in the dark. Simply Amazing!! Thanks for doing what you do!!!!! you have given us and so many families "Hope".


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