Anoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Patient: JA

- JA ( age 4)- Diagnosis- Anoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy:

Here is what we have noticed:

1. J is trying to mimic the sounds of single words.

2. When he hugs we actually feel him pulling us towards him.

3. Overall his is stronger but yet softer with noticeably less toning.

4. J's eye gaze is more focused and quicker to react.

5. He is using his smile to demonstrate decision making.

6. His co-ordination, balance and alignment is more on point.

7. The last thing which we just experienced this morning is this and it

was very impressive. He has an apparatus called a 'Creepster Crawler' which is essentially like a body sling on wheels. It supports his weight at a height that is arms and knees level off the floor. Up until now J has hated this thing, just hanging in it when he is hooked up. Today we put him in it and he crawled up and down a long hall three time smiling all the way while we all cheered. He loved it! This was the most hopeful change we have seen in him in a long time.

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