Alzheimer’s Patient: Charles

- Charles's son wrote:

The first week after stem cell treatment for my father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease showed many amazing improvements.

My mother noticed his agitation and extreme frustration has diminished significantly. Also his sleep patterns are normalizing.

He is able to recognize me when I was on the phone, and who my family members are something he had been incapable of doing before his treatment.

My father’s older brother called to wish my mother a happy birthday, and had a conversation with my father. He was unaware of the prior week’s treatment. He told my mother he actually had a normal conversation, and wanted to know what caused this incredible change.

This is great news and I have to say unexpected after only a week after treatment.

I am following your advice and spoke with my brothers about getting back to our previous normal father/son relationship in all our communications with him.

Thank you so very much,



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