ALS Patient: MS

- MS, weekly update, ALS:

Enclosed you will find the daily report for last week;

03/06/2016 Sunday; my legs continue to get stronger every day slowly but I can feel and see improvement. Sometimes, I get worried as the twitching all over my body becomes stronger than other days but there is no regression noted.

03/07/2016 Monday; today during physical therapy, I was able to feel my left leg more as well as able to put more weight. Also able to feel my toes on left leg. My gait has improved also feel my spinal cord becoming stronger.

03/08/2016 Tuesday; the twitching to entire body is minimal today, gait continues to improve, legs slowly becoming stronger. no setbacks noted. I continue taking daily supplements and physical therapy with oxygen.

03/09/2016 Wednesday; the twitching to my entire body is stronger today, but see no setbacks. Did well during physical therapy despite the twitching. Able to feel my spinal cord becoming stronger as well as gait.

03/10/2016 Thursday; Physical Therapy every day at 1100 with oxygen, no setbacks noted to date. Slowly improving; gait, left leg with foot drop feeling stronger.

03/11/2016 Friday; no problems with respiratory and digestive systems. Slowly improving gait, spinal cord, left leg/foot drop. Twitching overall body some days at a minimum other days stronger but no setbacks noted.

03/12/2016 Saturday; doing physical therapy at home. taking supplements. I noticed spinal cord slowly becoming stronger and gait improving.

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