ALS Patient: KA

- KA, diagnosis-ALS: K's symptoms began in July of 2014 with her speech being affected, a sinus infection, and fatigue. From the second week of November 2014 to the second week of January 2015 she had no less than two test per week ruling out diseases. The first week of January 2015 she went to get the results of the last and final tests that were performed on December 24 2014-dr says yes she does have ALS. K's health had declined rapidly from November 2014 to march 2015. I had researched all types of stem cell treatment from the time i thought that she had a motor neuron disease. Stem cell of America was the only program that made any sense to me. I gathered all of the information together and took it to Kathy, her two sons, our two brothers, and her boyfriend. Collectively we decided that there are no other choices except stem cell therapy. K had to retire from her job february 13, 2015 because she has a cdl for transporting dialysis patients for treatment and her diagnosis prevents her from driving professionally. Not only has the months’ worth of hideous testing wore her down but the diagnosis really took her spark away. The end of February she got the flu from hell on top of als symptoms making her extremely weak. By the time i had made arrangements to come west she was declining rapidly. We went to her primary care physician and told him that we were going to go west to get stem cell therapy and he was totally behind her decision. On April 14, she fell in her home because she was so weak from the flu and had to go to the emergency room to have her head x-rayed. We were on the way to treatment on April 16 when she fell at the airport and had to be cleared by a local hospital to fly. She was a black and blue mess by the 18 of April when we went for treatment with Stem Cell of America. About an hour after her treatment she looked as if the stem cells were mending her black eyes. Her eyes appeared to be getting white skin where the black and blue had been the predominant color. Since returning home she has seen her primary care physician and he is so amazed at the fact that her symptoms have plateaued. Her spark is back and she does not look as drawn in the face. He told her that he was impressed with her progress Because he really did not expect her to make it to her next appointment. Her therapists as well as the dr she goes to for deep tissue massage have all said the same thing regarding her not declining any further since she received stem cell therapy and that she should return for additional treatment. We all know that this is not a cure but it most certainly has given k a better quality of life as well as quantity of life. We all thank Stem cell of America for what has been done for our sister, mother, and girlfriend. Yes her speech is compromised and she does walk with a walker but she perseveres. We would like the staff at Stem Cell of America for giving Kathy a new lease on life.

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