ALS Patient: Anait

- Anait's daughter wrote: My mother, Anait, is 57 years old and she was diagnosed with ALS in 2001. Within a year of diagnosis, she had overall muscle weakness and her speech was affected. She also had poor balance and was dragging her feet while walking. Her symptoms were progressing rapidly. At first, she started noticing a difference with her speech. It was soft and slurred. Then she started noticing weakness on her arms and hands. Lastly, her legs became weaker and she was having difficulty walking. In 2002, my mother received the fetal stem cell treatment. After the treatment, she started feeling better overall and the progression of her symptoms slowed down. For a few years following the treatment, she was still able to do most things on her own. She was able to dress herself, brush her teeth and take a shower. She was still walking with assistance and had fairly good use of her upper body. It's been 13 years since her diagnosis and my mother is doing much better than expected. She can only take a few steps with assistance and needs help with most of her ADL's but she's still able to talk and communicate with others. She's able to swallow and eat solids. Her entire attitude and outlook for the future has changed. Her condition has been pretty stable.


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