Autism Treatment

To William Rader and Staff,

I will start off by saying that Michael is doing very well!!! He has not had a meltdown in almost three to four weeks. He is no longer on cannabis oil and he is also off of allergy medication (not sure where the connection is there). Before August 19th, it was a living hell!! We got our first stem cell injections June 17th. Those two months in between were awful. We originally got the stem cells because Michael was having very violent and aggressive outbursts. These behaviors were keeping him from meeting his IEP goals or excelling academically. He seemed to be in pain, but we could never figure out if it was pain, autism, mental breakdowns, or maybe even schizophrenia. These behaviors started Dec. 2016 and we could suppress most behaviors by keeping him on cannabis oil. These behaviors consisted of breaking household items and windows, pulling hair, biting, kicking, hitting, yelling, crying, grabbing skin on himself or others, spitting, throwing objects to do harm, head butting, and choking. When we finally got the first injections on June 17th it was because the oil was no longer working for any of the meltdowns. He was not able to function or sleep because these behaviors were CONSTANT! He would wake up in the middle of the night attacking me or screaming at the top of his lungs. No triggers or any particular reason would set him off. These violent and aggressive moments were often and lasted up to 4 hours or until he wore himself out. NOTHING would calm him down. After June, these moments intensified even though it sounds like it couldn't get worse, it did! It was so bad that I had a mental breakdown, had suicidal thoughts, and my husband and I separated. I and my children were living in total and utter fear for our lives!!! Michael was not only trying to harm us, he actually was trying to do permanent damage to us. The school, the nanny, and I could no longer control him. It was like he was in a constant state of possession that was indescribable. We were confined to our home in fear of him attacking anyone of us while we were driving or passengers (siblings). Fast forward to August 19. William Rader had some choice words and reactions that I COMPLETELY did not agree with!! Little did I know, William Rader was to witness one of Michael’s last violent outbursts. During the visit, William Rader was trying to tell and show me how to handle him. I was overwhelmed already at this point and shut out him and his staff out. Witnessing someone else try to discipline my child was difficult, but it HAD to be done. I secretly knew what I should be doing when and before Michael had his meltdowns, but it was difficult to do. Michael was so far gone I was starting to give up. Seeing how William Rader was able to get a positive reaction out of Michael helped me understand how I should be more structured and stern with Michael. Having said all that, Michael and I are in a better place because of the stem cells, William Rader (of course!), and staff!!! Michael is communicating so well and he is so HAPPY!!! I can instruct Michael to do something or tell him to stop doing something and he LISTENS!!!! He can follow directions and is very pleasant to be around. I know before the stem cell treatment, Michael would have had to be institutionalized or heavily medicated. He was not going to stop being violent and aggressive. There was no end in sight. The school is now sending positive progress reports daily. Michael no longer attacks peers and staff. He has met ALL his IEP goals and we are going to meet to make new IEP goals!! My other children are now comfortable being friends over!! That is a huge deal because they were embarrassed or scared of Michael. I can't thank each and every one of you enough!!! From Ty our consultant, Virginy, Tijuana staff, transportation, and of course William Rader. I owe my life to each and every one of you (even the ones that I forgot to mention). Each and every one of you were so helpful from beginning to the end of this process. You guys gave me back my little boy and help keep my family together. I see a bright future for him and this makes me want to shout from the highest mountain.

I love and cherish you all!!

Michael’s Mom

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Autism Treatment


At Stemcell of America, we’re committed to using our high-end Stem Cell procedures to treat Autism. The root causes of Autism include oxygen deprivation and intestinal inflammation, both which are lessened through Stem Cell treatments. This type of Autism treatment is given intravenously and subcutaneously via Stem Cell injections.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell research on umbilical cord injections has shown that Stem Cell injections are highly effective in treating Autism. In fact, according to current Stem Cell research, umbilical cord MSC’s have been shown to decrease inflammation, which may reduce other symptoms and, in turn, boost the body’s repair mechanisms (which results in healing). Another plus is that Stem Cell treatment is quick and easy – most Stem Cell procedures take only an hour. Best of all, current Stem Cell research has shown that there are no negative side effects.


Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell of America realizes that our patients value their safety over most anything when considering a Stem Cell treatment. For this reason alone, we ensure that our Stem Cells undergo extensive testing with proven methods that are highly regarded in the US. Therefore, our patients use only the most effective Fetal Stem Cells and are assured a greater chance of recovering from whatever illness they may be dealing with. In addition, current Stem Cell research suggests that there is no danger of the body rejecting Fetal Stem Cells due to the fact that they have no antigenicity (cellular fingerprint).


Over 7500 patients and counting have been treated at Stem cell of America. We’re proud to have achieved positive results with various patients, including those in need of Autism therapy. To discuss details pertinent to your specific situation, be sure to contact us at: 310-455-5300

Stem Cell Treatment

Commonly, positive changes are seen between three to six months in patients after Autism treatment.

To view follow up letters from patients, please visit the patient experiences page on our website.

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All statements, opinions, and advice on this page is provided for educational information only. It is not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and care. Like all medical treatments and procedures, results may significantly vary and positive results may not always be achieved. Please contact us so we may evaluate your specific case.

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