Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Patient

Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Age 58

Initial follow-up

This is a miracle! 38 hours later after treatment and the worst 2 and a half hour flight ever like riding a bucking bronco and getting off the airplane pain free after 27 years of pain when if this had occurred a few days ago they would have been hauling me away in the meat wagon. A few hours after treatment when walking back into America my walk was improving from a drunk gate and my tremor was calm and it was a cool misty morning . Through the day I could feel an energy making my back straight and tall again and pain change from numb to pain and to reducing pain , through the next few days I could feel organ improvement toward normal function in the urinary tract, bowels, breathing, eyes, ears, sinus, throat, skin- reduction in brain fog and achieved hyper tension heart rates. Totally amazing with only positive and good side effects!

58 year old male, after years of acute pain beginning in 1990 industrial injuries to chronic pain in 2001 auto accident whip-lash C1-2 and L4-5 and lump on top of skull from head rotating and getting smacked by rear window of my standard style pick-up without headrest. 27 years of worsening pain and tingling in arms and legs to the point of loss of feeling in legs to the point of collapse a few times- a wake up it was nearing time for wheel chair. I am unable to take medicines on a regular basis for the experience of many painful and dangerous side effects and could not for see a positive outcome from surgery I have never heard of a cured back after surgery or 2 or 3 ? Felt also like my general health was getting ready to leap off a cliff after several years exposure to harsh environments . Occasionally get small tenderness at old pain epicenter in lower back that can be walked off for historically more walking would increase pain.

There is obviously nothing better than the original God given tissues given to us , God Bless and Thank You All at Stem Cell Of America for your tenacity, persistence, achievements and the healing you bring to humanity and the miracle you have given to me.

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